Vein and Vascular

Vein and Vascular Medical Billing

Vein and Vascular Medical Billing

Vein and Vascular Medical Billing practices are commonly exposed to underpayments resulting from improper coding procedures. Vein and Vascular requires a complex billing procedure that would accurately identify the type of process done on a patient to ensure fair and accurate payment.
Magnus Medical Billing clients see revenue increase upwards of 10% or more and with net collections of 96% and higher. A combination of skilled Vein and Vascular coders, experienced Vein and Vascular medical billing specialists, and powerful billing technology make this all happen. Our first promise to you and each Magnus Medical Billing client is “More Money, Faster.”
Choosing a billing partner for accurate Vein and Vascular billing is difficult. You need to have a medical billing company that comprehends complex Vascular billing codes and guidelines, Vein and Vascular related terminology, coding for surgical procedures, and code variations associated with numerous procedure rules. Also, the denial process and skill to appeal denied claims efficiently and quickly to ensure swift reimbursement.

Considering Vein and Vascular Billing Services? Need to Replace your Vein and Vascular Billing Company?

Considering Vein and Vascular Billing Services? Need to Replace your Vein and Vascular Billing Company?

Our billing services start by designing a billing process custom-fit to your practice, focusing on the most efficient and rapid means to acquire all needed information, with quality and integrity checks built-in. At the same time, a complete review and update of credentialing (provider enrollment) information are conducted. Compliance issues and risks are highlighted and resolved throughout the process. Within thirty to forty five days, accurate bills are being sent to each of your payers, and your practice is seeing financial and operational summaries. As claims are adjudicated, payments are posted, and denials are automatically routed to the proper expert for rapid resolution. Secondary claims and patient balances are systematically billed. Outstanding balances with payers and patients are continuosly analyzed with each exception assigned to an accounts receivable expert. Our client manager works with your practice throughout implementation. After he or she is available to your practice at any time to review questions and as a practice management resource.

If your current Vein and Vascular billing company isn’t meeting your expectations, ask us to demonstrate why Magnus is different. We pride ourselves on meeting each client’s specific needs, with consistently strong net collections and A/R performance. This “outsourced” billing reduces your fixed costs, while you retain control and visibility, including online “anytime, anywhere” access to your current financial performance.

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