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Medical Billing in New York NY and Florida FL – Billing Services



Hire our professionals and highly qualified staff for your Medical Billing Services in New York (NY)  and Florida (FL).

We will post, review and submit all office charges, hospital visits, surgeries, diagnostic and laboratory tests, to ensure accuracy, completeness and proper coding.

We can work from Electronic Superbills through EHR integration or we can create a custom Superbill for each practice and each doctor.

We will submit claims to Medicare, Medicaid, No Fault/Personal Injury, Workers Compensation and all commercial carriers. All claims are submitted either electronically or by paper depending on the carrier to primary, secondary and tertiary insurers. Real time transactions including immediate eligibility verification, three levels of claim scrubbing and Clearinghouse reports.

We pursue your claims for maximum reimbursement, following up on denied and down-coded claims. Claims are followed up systematically and quickly.

Claims that have been rejected, denied and/or underpaid are carefully reviewed and appealed as quickly as possible. We utilize several levels of appeal resolutions.

Prompt posting of all payments received and monitoring reimbursement. We accurately interpret and posts insurance and patient payments to maintain maximum reimbursement.

Medical Billing Services in New York (NY)

Creating and mailing patient statements when there is any patient responsibility such as a co-payment, co-insurance or deductible. MMB provides patient customer service for all billing inquiries.
We’re the primary point of contact for patients during the billing cycle — statements, payment plans, and collections.

Our reporting package contains monthly customized reports, offering a detailed picture of your practice’s financial health.

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