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Practice Marketing

Our Partners can provide you with effective online and referral marketing solution for your practice. We can support your branding and online exposure creating for you a professional website and supporting your online campaigns. We can connect you with the right people to promote and INCREASE PATIENTS’ FLOW growing your practice.

Technology Support

Our practice management software comes with a full featured EHR which was designed to fit the way you think & work increasing efficiency. Built for the iPad and the web, it gives you great flexibility and the freedom to stay connected with your patients and your practice anywhere. Additionally, you can attest for Stage 1 & 2 Meaningful Use incentives with our certified EHR.

Our Partners can support your IT and Technology practice needs consulting, implementing and supporting your IT infrastructure in hardware and software. You will be provided with the most cost effective and quality tools relying on a stable infrastructure focusing on patients’ care.

Medical Practice Management

Our Partners can support your business taking care of all the overwhelming aspects of managing the practice so you can focus 100% on patients’ care. We can take care of establishing and maintaining your location, staffing your practice, management of employees, marketing of your practice, medical billing for your reimbursements, support your IT infrastructure and more.

ROI Calculator

  • Feel free to use our ROI Calculator to understand how much money you can lose if your billing is NOT DONE PROPERLY!
  • With our quality of services and dedication you will be able to collect that money otherwise lost!
  • Give us a try: Give us a sample of your most difficult claims to prove the quality of our services while we collect your money! Request a Free Consultation with no obligation.
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